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Why the NASA Spent $17 Millions to Develop Inflatable Space Station?

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Exploration and commercial space work with inflatables is a very important project.The potential benefits of inflatables to do this,NASA had already begun to potentially expand the International Space Station.The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module “will demonstrate the benefits of this space habitat technology for future exploration and commercial space endeavors.”

Inflatable space technology had been familiar by us.The first passive communications satellites–Echo 1 and Echo 2–were both inflatable.In 1958,the satellites would be too big to fit into the Tor-Delta rocket that scientists decided to allow the satellites to inflate when they got into space.


“This partnership agreement for the use of expandable habitats represents a step forward in cutting-edge technology that can allow humans to thrive in space safely and affordably, and heralds important progress in U.S. commercial space innovation,”NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver said in a statement.

Inflatable space station’s future development space unpredictable.Technology was galloping along,all the impossible will become possible.Using the technology, can make the goods to be use more effective.

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Inflatable Toys Play a Very Important Role in Our Life

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Inflatable toys can stimulate child to learn interest and learn enthusiasm and that can make children break out into the intense seeking knowledge desire,so as to dig out the hidden deep in the brain of the children huge potential.Parents should lead their children take the destination to play inflatable toys,let the child play and learning,let the child play the record,let children play grow happily.

For the child’s play inflatable toys, parents should pay attention to the following points:

(1)Observe the child’s play inflatable toys    Children play is a natural phenomenon.Parents should teach children play inflatable toys,let the children playing in the inflatable toys than accumulation the necessary basic experience.Slowly,they can distinguish color light and sound from the body feeling.


When child play the inflatable toys,parents should understand their child’s express emotion during their play inflatable toys,such as how they express their endurance,curiosity and creativity.

Children can play alone or play with other children together, different ways will let him learn different things.The children play together will be better to develop their communication skills.They observe the behavior of others and try new scene exchange information,these can make children learn more from each other.

(2)Respect your child’s play inflatable toys    Children need to explore,need to play with other children’s.So parents do not  easily to disturb the child’s activities,Or rather need to guide them how to play inflatable toys to observe promote increase their play games experience.

The children play the toys can master yourself,and know the ability to get along with others.They can better communicate with each other,know their unique style of play toys.When he was a child,his playing way will affect his way of get along
with people.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe on Inflatables

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You’ve been preparing for your child’s next birthday party for months and all you’ve heard is one thing – “I want a bounce house!”  In fact, if you think about it, who wouldn’t want a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course at their party? Can you even call it a party if there isn’t an inflatable? So naturally, you have rented a bounce house for your next gathering. No matter how fun inflatables are, you still need to consider the safety requirements of these structures.

With more and more accidents occurring because of negligence, here are some rules to follow with your party’s inflatable:
Anchors and Restraints – Make sure the inflatable – whether it’s a bounce house, obstacle course or sports inflatable – is properly tied and tethered to the ground. A number of accidents can occur if an inflatable is hit with a gust of wind. Speak with your rental company about what type of area they need to anchor the inflatable.

Clothing – Unless it’s an inflatable water slide, never allow guests to wear a bathing suit on an inflatable. This could cause skin burns and other issues. Furthermore, tell your guests to wear or bring a set of gym-style clothes to help them enjoy the inflatable as much as possible. Denim and other such material make slides much harder to get down.

Accessories – None of the guests should wear any sharp objects like earrings, watches, rings and other accoutrement when on an inflatable. Not only can these potentially damage the inflatable, but they also risk getting caught in the inflatable material, risking serious injury in the process.

Attendant – When you first contact an inflatables company, ask if they provide an attendant for your event. An attendant not only knows how to deal with any mechanical or structural issues of the inflatable, but is also aware of standard safety operations and can aid in watching participants.

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