A Green Screen–Inflatable Screen

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By now, TV manufacture has developed into a new stage that people usually would choose to buy a TV with a large screen, because people can see the pictures with large screen more clearly. And the large inflatable screen can give people more vivid feelings for the events which are reported on the air. Apart from it, normally audience would have real-like feelings if they watch movie with a large screen. Though large screen has so many advantages, people still have unsatisfactions for the screen, such as heavy weight, inconvenience of carrying-out and difficulty in storage.

If people really want to get a satisfied screen, they can choose an inflatable screen. The inflatable screen is crowd as “green” or friendly-environment. The screen can be deflated into the carrying bag and taken to any where people want without occupying too much space. The weight of the inflatable screen is much lighter than conventional screen.

If people want to hold up a party in the open field, it is very convenient to use inflatable screen to play music or the documental videos. When the inflatable screen is erected up, in front of the screen about fifty to eighty people can sit down and watch clearly of the video on the inflatable screen.

Since inflatable screen is such useful, there are some indexes which can’t be neglected at all.

The inflatable screen is made from PVC plastic; on the surface, it is coated fabric. Even the simplest inflatable screen is made with fine craft, it could leave audience nice impression for the inflatable screen. The size of the inflatable screen is up to six thousand at the average. During the usage, people must need the electrical pump to blow up the inflatable screen continuously, in order to maintain the shape of the inflatable toys. When the inflatable screen is erected up, the affiliated rope and stake must be used to fasten the entire inflatable screen.

The inflatable screen can be recycled-used in the future. People don’t need to take conventional, heavy and large screen out to the party location. The inflatable screen inherits the good characteristic from the previous inflatable toys and can be put into the bag. It is disposable, which can make the inflatable screen can put on show one night in different places. If the storm comes or other bad weather occurs, people can immediately deflate the inflatable screen and put it away. But the material of the inflatable screen is tough to some extend, it still stand tiny or little weather damages, such as hot sunshine and breeze whispering.

It is better for organizers to take inflatable screen into consideration, when they need screen in the party holding. Its largeness, clear and convenience will give audience the same feel like at the theater.

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