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Standing on starting line-the inflatable bounce for sales

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For any a sales personnel that  enough volume is very important especially full-time sales personnel.Some people think that only contact the customers face to face can be do business.However,sale online is very popular now.

The most important thing of sales is Web traffic.Therefore,firstly,we want to know where the customers from that through the site,so that it’s necessary to inquiry,lock and segmentation of customer.Why do you say that?It is simply the answer to: you can know which district are comstomer from.Then we should pay attention to high market demand district.The market evaluation is very important.So do inflatable bounce for sale.

The role of the website is to show the product.Through the website we can know that which products or services are the customers intereted in.According to this information,we can adjust a functional Web site and  product strategy.Understand the demand of customer is very helpful.The visitors versus average time on site as the referenced intention to purchase.

Be proactive and ping past clients about what you can do for them.Think about it.We can through the website have realized where are the customer from.And knew that which product they took long time to visit.How pity that loss intention customer.In this time,initiative in communication with customer,we know so much situation give the customers.Then talking to some of the related technical parameters or material to customers is very important. To start within the first place,we communication with the customer immediately.The second point,let the customer feel that the enterprise thinking of customers.It’s play important role in sales. is active and customer communication function.The first point, we immediately with the customer communication.In the second place, let the customer feel enterprise thinking of customers.It will play important role in sales.The structure of the website suggestion

First,outstanding product is key.Customers to access the site in order to see the product then will be caused purpose of consumption.Therefore,show their products in the home page,let the customer the first time know what they need to.

Second,true contact method and noticeable.The contact way must be simple,easy to see.At the same time,contact way should write more detail that can let the consumer feel more dependable.

Third,certify the customer can visit web site.

There are a lot of Web site sales skills, it is just a list of some of the online website hard skills More sales skills also need people constantly from practice summary experience.

Remind us of our past-mini princess castle

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As we were a little child,our elders often told us interesting, wonderful story.We oftened immersed in the ups and downs of the story.We oftened imagine ourself was the story of the hero.Brave to save the innocent people who was suffered.We special love the story that Prince Charming went through all kinds of hardships to save the Princess who was stucking in the castle by the witch. Envision yourself was a Prince Charming or a Princess.When i saw kidwise inflatable bouncers in front of the my house,it can causes memories of my childhood.
I remembered a real story about castle was about Heidelberger Schloss.It had a great love story about Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe in there.Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was a a great thinker in Germany.Goethe had gone to Heidelberger eight times.In the autumn of 1815,Goethe has 66-year-old,in there he met Mary Anna who was a Jewess.They fall in love at first sight.Mary Anna even got involved in a number of poem creation,so that Goethe said she was”live Muse”.They had a good time on the last two weeks.Every evening,they would walked arm in arm to the castle garden for a walk,Goethe read his work “tower line” to Mary Anna in the fragment,and used in Arabic writing Mary Anna’s name on the sand in the garden.

When Goethe left Heidelberger,he said: “I put my heart lost in the Heidelberg”.Goethe was living 17 years,they have been keep in touch with each other and express their emotion with poetry.

In order to commemorate Goethe,Heidelberg municipal government built Goethe memorial monument in the castle garden.

I remember the story clearly.The mini princess castle took me more memory and gave me more happies childhood.

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New study finds alarming 15-fold increase in inflatable bouncer-related injuries among children

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A new study by researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital examined pediatric injuries associated with inflatable bouncers, such as bounce houses and moonwalks. Researchers found that from 1995 to 2010 there was a 15-fold increase in the number of inflatable bouncer-related injuries that were treated in U.S. emergency departments among children younger than 18 years of age. In 2010 alone, more than 30 children per day, or about one child every 45 minutes, were treated in hospital emergency departments for injuries associated with inflatable bouncers.

The study, available online November 26, 2012 and published in the December 2012 print issue of Pediatrics, found that while fractures (28 percent) and strains or sprains (27 percent) were the most common types of injuries, approximately 1 in 5 injuries (19 percent) were to the head and neck, demonstrating that use of these products can pose serious risks. Falls (43 percent) were the most common cause of injury followed by stunts and collisions. The majority of the injuries occurred either in a recreational setting (44 percent) or at home (38 percent).

“The findings from this study show that there has been an alarming increase in the number of injuries from inflatable bouncers,” said Gary A. Smith, MD, DrPH  director of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. “It is time for us to take action to prevent these injuries. Ensuring that parents are aware of the potential risks, improving surveillance of the injuries, developing national safety guidelines and improving bouncer design are the first steps.”

The study authors point out that the injury patterns for inflatable bouncers and trampolines are very similar, and although there are national safety guidelines for trampoline use, no such guidelines exist for inflatable bouncers.

“The medical and public health community has yet to provide recommendations on the safe use of inflatable bouncers,” said Dr. Smith, also a professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. “The growing epidemic of inflatable bouncer injuries make it clear that it is time to do so.”

Until national safety guidelines are in place, parents should consider the risks before allowing their child to use an inflatable bouncer.  If parents allow their child to use an inflatable bouncer, they should consider limiting use to children 6 years of age and older, requiring that an adult be present to supervise while the bouncer is in use and allowing only one child on the bouncer at a time. If more than one child will be on the bouncer at the same time, the children should be approximately of the same age and size.

This is the first study to use a nationally representative sample to examine injuries associated with inflatable bouncer-related injuries that were treated in U.S. emergency departments. Data for this study were obtained from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), which is operated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The NEISS provides information on consumer product-related and sports and recreation-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments across the country.

The Center for Injury Research and Policy (CIRP) of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital works globally to reduce injury-related pediatric death and disabilities. With innovative research at its core, CIRP works to continually improve the scientific understanding of the epidemiology, biomechanics, prevention, acute treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. CIRP serves as a pioneer by translating cutting edge injury research into education, policy, and advances in clinical care.

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Why the NASA Spent $17 Millions to Develop Inflatable Space Station?

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Exploration and commercial space work with inflatables is a very important project.The potential benefits of inflatables to do this,NASA had already begun to potentially expand the International Space Station.The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module “will demonstrate the benefits of this space habitat technology for future exploration and commercial space endeavors.”

Inflatable space technology had been familiar by us.The first passive communications satellites–Echo 1 and Echo 2–were both inflatable.In 1958,the satellites would be too big to fit into the Tor-Delta rocket that scientists decided to allow the satellites to inflate when they got into space.


“This partnership agreement for the use of expandable habitats represents a step forward in cutting-edge technology that can allow humans to thrive in space safely and affordably, and heralds important progress in U.S. commercial space innovation,”NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver said in a statement.

Inflatable space station’s future development space unpredictable.Technology was galloping along,all the impossible will become possible.Using the technology, can make the goods to be use more effective.

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Inflatable Toys Play a Very Important Role in Our Life

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Inflatable toys can stimulate child to learn interest and learn enthusiasm and that can make children break out into the intense seeking knowledge desire,so as to dig out the hidden deep in the brain of the children huge potential.Parents should lead their children take the destination to play inflatable toys,let the child play and learning,let the child play the record,let children play grow happily.

For the child’s play inflatable toys, parents should pay attention to the following points:

(1)Observe the child’s play inflatable toys    Children play is a natural phenomenon.Parents should teach children play inflatable toys,let the children playing in the inflatable toys than accumulation the necessary basic experience.Slowly,they can distinguish color light and sound from the body feeling.


When child play the inflatable toys,parents should understand their child’s express emotion during their play inflatable toys,such as how they express their endurance,curiosity and creativity.

Children can play alone or play with other children together, different ways will let him learn different things.The children play together will be better to develop their communication skills.They observe the behavior of others and try new scene exchange information,these can make children learn more from each other.

(2)Respect your child’s play inflatable toys    Children need to explore,need to play with other children’s.So parents do not  easily to disturb the child’s activities,Or rather need to guide them how to play inflatable toys to observe promote increase their play games experience.

The children play the toys can master yourself,and know the ability to get along with others.They can better communicate with each other,know their unique style of play toys.When he was a child,his playing way will affect his way of get along
with people.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe on Inflatables

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You’ve been preparing for your child’s next birthday party for months and all you’ve heard is one thing – “I want a bounce house!”  In fact, if you think about it, who wouldn’t want a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course at their party? Can you even call it a party if there isn’t an inflatable? So naturally, you have rented a bounce house for your next gathering. No matter how fun inflatables are, you still need to consider the safety requirements of these structures.

With more and more accidents occurring because of negligence, here are some rules to follow with your party’s inflatable:
Anchors and Restraints – Make sure the inflatable – whether it’s a bounce house, obstacle course or sports inflatable – is properly tied and tethered to the ground. A number of accidents can occur if an inflatable is hit with a gust of wind. Speak with your rental company about what type of area they need to anchor the inflatable.

Clothing – Unless it’s an inflatable water slide, never allow guests to wear a bathing suit on an inflatable. This could cause skin burns and other issues. Furthermore, tell your guests to wear or bring a set of gym-style clothes to help them enjoy the inflatable as much as possible. Denim and other such material make slides much harder to get down.

Accessories – None of the guests should wear any sharp objects like earrings, watches, rings and other accoutrement when on an inflatable. Not only can these potentially damage the inflatable, but they also risk getting caught in the inflatable material, risking serious injury in the process.

Attendant – When you first contact an inflatables company, ask if they provide an attendant for your event. An attendant not only knows how to deal with any mechanical or structural issues of the inflatable, but is also aware of standard safety operations and can aid in watching participants.

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Weather affects the use of large inflatable amusement facilities

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The weather will affect the world everything all the time,inflatable amusement equipment also to be affect.So how the weater affect amusement equipment?Whether indoor amusement facilities is also will be affected by the influence of the weather?

Firstly,large amusement equipment affect by the weather.Large amusement equipment basic on outdoor facilities,because it huge volume must running up in the large space,the structure is more complicated,so this equipment has been the influence of the weather is the biggest,it structure is complicated,so the equipment has been the bigger influence of the weather.It displays in the following several aspects mainly.


No.1  large amusement facilities are affected by the season,seasonal weather change on large amusement equipment’s influence is bigger,especially during the summer rainy season, more tired,especially during the summer rainy season.Once the weather changes will have to stop operation,especially after a bad weather will have to have a comprehensive inspection,once the weather changes will have to stop operation.The most important still is should according to the change of the weather protection work well.

No.2  the influence most obvious is winter and summer.In fact,the reason is very simple,winter is very cold so that if do not do warm work,then may be frost the facilities,and at the same time on winter tourists reduce inthe cold weather so staff must not take it lightly,need more frequently to check the maintenance.And summer and winter is just on the contrary.The summer weather is changeable and tourists will become more and more,so the maintenance task will be very big,this will not ensure that no risk at all.So the effects of the weather with considerable effort.

At last,large amusement equipment is more affected by weather.But some indoor amusement equipment will not be too big an impact,at least can not by wind rain damage.

Smarter kids love sports

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Childhood is the improtant period of intellectual development.Intelligence not only includes the characteristics of cognitive reaction, but also dealing with problems effectively and have ability quickly and successfully adapt to the new environment.There are many ways to do on children’s intelligence development,one of the most effective one way is to let the children have the destination to participate in physical activities.

Sports can stimulate brain cortex

Children’s sports and action ability’s development can directly reflect the development of children’s intelligence. We often see that mental retardation children often bradykinesia and action ability behind general children.That is to say,action is the development of intelligence early development forms.Because the person’s movement action is affected by cortical dominant.Different parts of body in the brain cortex has a corresponding sports center,the children’s strengthening the movement to stimulate the corresponding cortex, make it more active more accurately control guidance movement and the development of the movement.Therefore, the development of sports and brain development closely related in place and time.In addition, sports can also speed up the nerve fiber myelin sheath change, this is one of the symbols of the mature of the nervous system, can make the nerve conduction velocity faster.

Children love to play have more creative

Costa Rica children education and psychologists whoes name JiaFuLieLa · Mad Reese once in the national newspaper articles on pointed out that sports can let children learn to how to observe understanding speak and activities of the best tools and can promote children’s brain intelligence development. He pointed out that, scientific practice has proved theat among 2 and 5 years old children, children love playing brain bigger than at least 30% the brains of children play .Because in the process of sports and play, children to complete with dozens of brain and thinking activity related action, such as master balance coordination of psychological processing problem and so on.Through the play and movement, the child can improve the ability of the identity of the objects of language expression ability and imaginative creativity, but also can eliminate psychological pressure and fear.

Funny games for children

Children’s sports by many ways should take the game is given priority to, emphasis on activities of the interest.In the process of game master go run jump swimming roll to grasp the basic skills such as throwing.The brain and nervous system in the period of adolescence is fully mature, after this period, through the movement to promote mental effect is not obvious.

What is the inflatable toys?

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Inflatable toys refers to the use of thin film materials manufacturing of tension and film inside and outside pressure difference to form the shape of toys.After deflated,it will become small and easy to carry and collection.It’s split into six materials:PE film inflatable toys, PVC membrane inflatable toys, TPU EVA environmental protection material inflatable products, clip net cloth and Oxford inflatable toys, rubber bonding inflatable products, boring rubber inflatable animals.

From the function points that have large advertising model, large inflatable toys, leisure furniture series, small cartoon children’s toys, promotion inflatable gifts,small advertising gas simulation model, rescue equipment, water amusement toys, inflatable pool, swimming pool water transparent roller and other large inflatable toys.This kind of toy volume is larger, mainly appears in the large supermarket park or stores, such as: naughty castle, entertainment center, inflatable castle, inflatable jumping bed, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable slide, inflatable arch, large inflatable advertising model.

Cartoon Inflatable toys:the appearance of this kind of inflatable toys for the cartoon image, product appearance, appearance, it is a good children’s toys, advertising model.

Small inflatable toys:this kind of inflatable toys is smaller,the color is gorgeous,interest is strong, popular among children, such as inflatable small animals, swimming laps.

Leisure inflatable home:choose high strength environmental protection PVC materials, inflatable mattress, inflatable sofa, field portable air bed, indoor inflatable swimming pool and so on.

Inflatable water toys:this kind of inflatable toys mainly used in water, such as the park’s roll the ball, yo yo, swimming ring inflatable boats, water walking ball, water transparent roller, leisurely wave ball and so on, is the summer leisure entertainment best water inflatable toys.

Inflatable toys has soft, with elastic safety features, large inflatable toys new and exciting, and interest is strong, small inflatable toys is the most fun children hand product selection.

Because of inflatable toys  have a variety of features, let more people to accept, and without it. In addition in recent years, the development of outdoor large toy to a certain extent promote the development of large inflatable toys;inflatable toys outer raw materials of building membrane technology development which progresses by leaps and bounds, PVC material widely used in effective driving the reunion toy industry development, and in recent years inflatable toys maintained a good development speed.

Toys in the children to grow up can’t without four role plays

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The significance of the structure of children’s toys game mainly through early childhood to the construction of various objects or buildings, can promote habits of thinking development, and the purpose of the formation of the brain and hands with direct knowledge of the various substances in the process of using a variety of materials ,can be understanding of a variety of materials, shape, number, and use the knowledge and experience of a variety of materials.The design of the child’s capacity for producing ideas can get exercise.

As building blocks to be a piece of land take, layer by layer,to build a house, and to build a reservoir.It’s a good way to children after many failures to be get success.

The toy is an angel of the children. why do I say this? Toy plays a great role in young children to understanding the world around. Toy with its bright colors, beautiful, exotic styling, smart activities, the sweet sound to attract children’s curiosity and attention. The toy is nearly the same as actual object,content of children hands brains exercise.Variety of toys, play with varied, and can be caused by the children’s interest, young children will desire to do the game for good toys,not only like the early learning textbooks, but also the lives of their good companion.

No1.children’s toys can mobilize the enthusiasm of the children activities.
The activities can development of the child’s physical and mental. Toys for children can be free to move back and forth,manipulation, and use, in line with the children’s psychological interest and ability level. Such as rocking horse toys, child will be like to ride, content to the requirements of children,and that they may produce a positive and pleasant emotions, and thus for a long time to tire of playing. Another example is the “baby” toys.

No2. children’s toys can promote a variety of sensory activities to enhance perceptual knowledge.
Toys with intuitive image characteristics, young children can touch,takeing,listening,blowing,looking,jumping,running and so on.It conducive to a variety of sensory training.Toys in the development of the sensory and motor ability not only enrich children’s perceptual knowledge, but also help to consolidate the impression of the young children in their lives, when the young children unable to extensive contacts in real life,they come to know the world through the toy.

No3. Children in the use of children’s toys are in the process of positive thinking activities such as imagination, and through the hand or other body show activities.Such as playing JiSu toys, children to conceive, want to imagine, to realize the set objective and choose materials; Begin assembly, both hands and brain.Children with toys in activities will also meet with some difficulties, these difficulties requires they must rely on their own strength to overcome, and stick to complete the task, thus developed to overcome difficulties make up fine quality.

No4.Toys also help foster kids collective idea and spirit of cooperation with each other.
Some toys for children is common used such as telephone toys, on both sides of the call, or even a pager member, can help children to understand the learning of life experience, practice and partner.