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Boxing gloves protect prizefighter fighting with their opponents

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Boxing is a sport that fighting with their opponent. Modern boxing originated in the United Kingdom. It was a survival skill that physical fitness and protected our ancientor lived in the harsh environments used boxing and archery. Our ancientor defended themselves with fish before the bows didn’t appear.

The end of then 17th century,boxing renaissance British.In the 18th century,modern boxing was originated in England. The rule was incomplete,no boxing gloves,no time limits until opponent lose of the ability to continue the game. J-Broughton,was a famous boxing from British. He worked out the first boxing rules and design boxing gloves in 1747,had contributed to the modern sport of boxing. Boxing has amsteur(alos known as the Olympic Boxing),also has commercial career.


According to the provisions of the international boxing federation,the boxers athleted must wear the boxing gloves when they were boxing. Boxing match level using different weights according to the weight of gloves,48-67kg grade to use 226 grams of gloves and 71-91kg used 284 grams heavier gloves. To participate in international competition,the athlete used gloves should passed by international Amateur Boxing Association representative check and license,then can use.

Boxing has caused a great impact on the society and played a sensational role. Boxing performance the higher the strength of the beauty, health,beauty,art beauty,and have strong attraction and irritation.

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