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The devil of a genius toy industry – Florentijn Hofman

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Florentijn Hofman newest exhibition is the theme of rubber duck in Beijing,China.It was deeply attracted a lot of Chinese people.The Dutch artist use his intellect complete many incredible masterpieces . Adored by many people for his wonderful work.

We had even reported about his work about big inflatable duck.

Now,let’s enjoy on his masterpieces.







I found him particularly like rabbits,do you think so?

Iron frog monster

Iron frog monster

 Inflatable iron frog monster in Japan

Strong bear

Strong bear


Inflatable Flying Pigs

Inflatable Flying Pigs

Two birds

Two birds



what is this?

what is this?

I have no idea.

Fried eggs

Fried eggs

rubber duck

rubber duck

Florentijn Hofman

Florentijn Hofman

How is interesting , which is connected to an exchange of experiences !

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Our company will take part in EAS 2014, propaganda and exchanges the main inflatable products of our company.

In addition to the fair, a diversification project meetings and social events will be in Amsterdam. More details will be available in spring 2014. The following program is in September 2013 in Paris .

Before the opening of the exhibition , officials highly rated Institute will offer three days all the attractions of emerging leaders. Institute offers participants the opportunity to learn, network and experience the largest holiday park Dutch theme.

The opening ceremony of the program itself will begin Tuesday, September 23 at 10:15 am , with a new beautiful view across Europe , entertainment and the official ribbon cutting .

At night, the famous Summit East Asia opening reception. In 2014, he was based near the RAI Exhibition and Congress Centre in Amsterdam! Do not miss this sensational evening , enjoy delicious food, drinks and atmosphere with colleagues , clients and friends !

The next morning, Leadership Breakfast will be at the head of the first speaker Summit East Asia will share her story and / views of the European industry interest .

Young Professionals Forum will be the same format as in Paris . Things young professionals interested in the industry or occupation not want to miss this opportunity to meet with industry leaders and network. You will hear the story of industry professionals to career success , tips and tricks on how to succeed industry listens . Activities characteristic of all the attractions industry leaders .

Education Summit Meeting East Asia will cover the operation of the central themes of interest, including : new technology , storytelling , security, emphasizes flowers , human resources , water parks, family entertainment centers and presentations of industry leaders in Europe ( CEE ) . This project is funded by the European Council Education Department IAAPA for each level of management and daily operations have at home .

They will be joined by an event in the Netherlands and Germany , several tourist attractions, including the fourth edition of the only park with access to the European tour after the Summit of East Asia .

See you in a few days ago in Amsterdam full of innovation, best practices, networking , learning and fun!

Hope to see you at EAS 2014 from September 23-25, 2014.

Why the NASA Spent $17 Millions to Develop Inflatable Space Station?

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Exploration and commercial space work with inflatables is a very important project.The potential benefits of inflatables to do this,NASA had already begun to potentially expand the International Space Station.The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module “will demonstrate the benefits of this space habitat technology for future exploration and commercial space endeavors.”

Inflatable space technology had been familiar by us.The first passive communications satellites–Echo 1 and Echo 2–were both inflatable.In 1958,the satellites would be too big to fit into the Tor-Delta rocket that scientists decided to allow the satellites to inflate when they got into space.


“This partnership agreement for the use of expandable habitats represents a step forward in cutting-edge technology that can allow humans to thrive in space safely and affordably, and heralds important progress in U.S. commercial space innovation,”NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver said in a statement.

Inflatable space station’s future development space unpredictable.Technology was galloping along,all the impossible will become possible.Using the technology, can make the goods to be use more effective.

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Smarter kids love sports

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Childhood is the improtant period of intellectual development.Intelligence not only includes the characteristics of cognitive reaction, but also dealing with problems effectively and have ability quickly and successfully adapt to the new environment.There are many ways to do on children’s intelligence development,one of the most effective one way is to let the children have the destination to participate in physical activities.

Sports can stimulate brain cortex

Children’s sports and action ability’s development can directly reflect the development of children’s intelligence. We often see that mental retardation children often bradykinesia and action ability behind general children.That is to say,action is the development of intelligence early development forms.Because the person’s movement action is affected by cortical dominant.Different parts of body in the brain cortex has a corresponding sports center,the children’s strengthening the movement to stimulate the corresponding cortex, make it more active more accurately control guidance movement and the development of the movement.Therefore, the development of sports and brain development closely related in place and time.In addition, sports can also speed up the nerve fiber myelin sheath change, this is one of the symbols of the mature of the nervous system, can make the nerve conduction velocity faster.

Children love to play have more creative

Costa Rica children education and psychologists whoes name JiaFuLieLa · Mad Reese once in the national newspaper articles on pointed out that sports can let children learn to how to observe understanding speak and activities of the best tools and can promote children’s brain intelligence development. He pointed out that, scientific practice has proved theat among 2 and 5 years old children, children love playing brain bigger than at least 30% the brains of children play .Because in the process of sports and play, children to complete with dozens of brain and thinking activity related action, such as master balance coordination of psychological processing problem and so on.Through the play and movement, the child can improve the ability of the identity of the objects of language expression ability and imaginative creativity, but also can eliminate psychological pressure and fear.

Funny games for children

Children’s sports by many ways should take the game is given priority to, emphasis on activities of the interest.In the process of game master go run jump swimming roll to grasp the basic skills such as throwing.The brain and nervous system in the period of adolescence is fully mature, after this period, through the movement to promote mental effect is not obvious.

Inflatable (trampoline) toys, cleaning and maintenance methods

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In use and management process ,bouncy castle and trampoline toys for various reasons will inevitably stop operations. In this time,how to guarantee inflatable products are not be damaged, not to be pollution, so can us facilitate future operations? Today we will description of the contents about inflatable toy products equipment cleaning, collection,maintenance, and maintenance for everyone:

Equipment cleaning and collection:

1. Cut off the power, open the fan interface and the exhaust port, usually 10-25 minutes toexhaust time, the residual gas should be extruded. If the equipment come into rainy water, make sure the equipment dry.

2. Doing the cleaning,can use laundry detergent to clean stains,grease and wipe,then cleaned with water,and dry.

3.Fold the equipment,then cover by the tarp.

4 If you do not use equipment long-term,fold the clean equipment, bundle, package. Storage temperature is generally in the -50 to +40 degrees celsius.

5 Fans should be payed attention to moisture,anti-corrosion.Inflatable device should be payed attention to the anti-rodent bite.

Maintenance method:

1.In order to ensure that your equipment reaches the normal useful life,the equipment can not play too many children. General Inflatable accommodate one child of three square meters.

2.Decorate the facilities modeling, don’t let the child draw with hard and torn off equipment.

3.While children is playing, you can not let the children to doodle with hard objects on the device,avoid damage the equipment.

4.Find the equipment is damaged, can be coated with a special glue in breakage and spare PVC material,wait after five minutes to be plastic, adhesive and appropriate extrusion,you can use equipment after a few minutes.

Maintenance of common sense

1.If you want to deflate the toys,you should use a semi-dry towel   clean toy’s surface,and then dry and deflated it,safekeep it well;

2. If the toy water because of take care for a wrong way,  put toys to a dry and well-ventilated place blown water and evaporated to dryness so far, avoid water be storaged;

3. The blower should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated place to prevent damp;

4. Toys and long-time storage, you should regularly check if it have damp.

Family is Children’s Grown-up Cradle

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Family is the first place for children to get to know as soon as they were born. What children will develop into will be decided by the family environment extensively and majorly.

Family has its particular characteristics. Its material environment, cultural environment and social mental environment can affect children to some extent. Parents have responsibilities to create a good family environment for children’s development. The family environment has great influence on children, which can be decisive for some children.

If children live in relax family environment; their parents have good relationship with each other, of which is justice, equal, democratic and mutually respected, and their children will feel safe and happy in this family. They will grow to be positive, upright and generous. It can develop their potential abilities as largely as possible.

Meanwhile, parents should choose suitable toys for their children. Good toys will give children chances to do it themselves. When it is time for children to have some amusement enjoyment, children can be led to the amusement park or parents can set up some home-made toys for their children to play with, so that they can get the happiness, at the same time, they can apply with their imagination ability. Some simple and easy toys can be erected up by children, which can help children to develop their practical ability. If parents can join their children in the amusement, their relationship can be improved quickly in the communication. In the process of the toys selections, parents should give their children an all-over view so as to pick up proper toys for their children. If parents have particular goals for their children to achieve, such as helping children become more brave and independent or be interested in nature, then parents choose those toys which have such functions.

Parents can arrange their house for children with such purposes. Children live in such environment day and night, and they can be influenced gradually. Also the living style which they have experienced can affect their own future living style.

The communications among the family between children and the adult can help children to find out how to communicate and different communication ways with different people.

Because children are young, parents should create good environment for their children so that they can get proper influence.

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Why Toys Can’t be Chosen Casually

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Children will feel happily if they are given a toy; if it is their favourite toy, they will be happier. Parents all admit that toy can increase children’s knowledge, develop their intelligence and language ability and improve their creativity and imagination. But toys can be chosen casually, or they will bring damages for children.

Each kind of toy will be ruled by local and international stipulations.

For example, inflatable toys are familiar for many children and parents. Wherever inflatable toys are sold, they must be safe. This is the first requirement for this kind of toys. Take the most common inflatable ball as an example. Many salesmen choose to inflate the inflatable ball with hydrogen instead of helium for the former is cheaper. But hydrogen is flammable and explosive. Any tiny spark will cause unexpected disaster. If those balls are held in the hand of children, they will get into unimaginable dangers.

Many inflatable toys can get in touch with children very easily. If the cloth of the toys isn’t up to the standard, children can get allergenic.

Some imitated toys, for instance, fake gun, can also cause dangers for children. In many news stories, it isn’t rare to have such reports that child gets hurt by an imitated toy gun or a child shoot with a toy gun and cause death toll. In fact, toy gun is a very dangerous toy; even the adult can reform a toy gun to be a gun which can shoot people to death. So sometimes, when children stuff hard objects into the bore of the gun and aim accidental to other people, the shooting probably will lead people to die.

Some toys aren’t designed with good picture on the surface and some contents are not suitable for children. But parents don’t treat it as serious problem. Actually, it can bring mental problems for children and leave long-lasting influence on their mind.

Many parents definitely pay more attention to little children for their young age in the toy selection. The size of the toy and the safety of surface are the major importance to be considered. If toys are too small, children will swallow down the toys; if little children stay in special growing-up stage, they like to lick something for relieving their pain of cutting tooth.

Glass, iron, steel will need parents to pay attention to the sharpness. String will cause suffocation.

So to choose proper toys is really important.

To Run an Inflatable Screen Rental Business

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Party organizers must have such experience that they have to erect up a large screen in the open field for video playing. But it is an easy job for many organizers. The conventional large screen is large, but heavy, easily-damaged and difficult maintained. After inflatable screen is invented out, organizers feel very happy to have such new inflatable product which can light their burden and help them found up the same effects. This inflatable screen normally is used in the out door movies, film festivals, sports and other social events.

The inflatable screen is useful, but not everyone is willing to buy an expensive inflatable product for just one-time show. So some smart businessmen see it as a business opportunity and start the inflatable screen rental business from then on.

The inflatable screen is made from PVC, it isn’t easy to be broken down, which is common for the conventional electrical screen. Dust and water can get through the PVC cloth and damage the inner electronic and electrical parts. The inflatable screen is light and inflated. People just need to use the electrical pump to inflate the screen. The entire inflatable screen will be plump under the continuous high wind blowing. The screen is fastened steadily on one point by the ropes and stakes.

The inflatable screen is manufactured with high technologies. It shows a very clear and vivid picture and provides original sound for audiences. It can be made into 6,000 square, which doesn’t disturb audience’s sight from the distance.

So rental investors don’t need to worry about the quality of the inflatable screen. One more thing is that investors must choose the ensured brand of the inflatable screen and take the insurance warranty for the future maintenance.

After thinking over the possibility of the inflatable screen rental business, the investors should take action.

The budget of the rental business is the priority on the list. The equipment purchase cost, maintenance expense, transportation, advertisement and insurance can be missed. Insurance of the inflatable screen must be bought, in case that any accident will cost the investors a lot. After setting up all these jobs, the product advertisement is a must in the primary stage. Online ad., TV ad. and paper ad. are proper choices. When people go to rent an inflatable screen, they must be told all the safety notices of usage. People’s incorrect operations will cause damages for the inflatable screen, even unexpected accidents.

Inflatable screen rental business is a non-seasonal product, if investors choose proper location and carry out efficient advertisement, they can get profit in a quite short time.

JD Bug Scooter European Brand Plan to Invade the South China’s Market

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The European scooter brand JD Bug has announced to take part in the Guangzhou Toy Fair in the Poly World Trade Centre on 8th April. Its participation shows that the future marketing plan of this European brand will prepare to go into the market of the South China.8611301563865632

JDBug is a historical brand in European scooter market. It advocates health, happiness, optimism and safety value and sunshine outdoor sport attitude. Now it has been the first rank in the European market. This brand is famous for its good quality and unique patents for development technology of scooter. With the help and cooperation of its top service team all over the globe, JD Bug scooter mainly are designed into black, pink, red, blue, orange and green. It has original fully patented system and can be folded into small one which is convenient to carry and store.


In the past one year, JD Bug has achieved great success in the North China. Their specialty stores have been up to above ten within one year. Many people came to there ask counsel for the JD Bug scooter sale counsel. This brand has found out its status in the market of North China. Now JD Bug turns its eye on the South China market and finds the cooperation with the experienced distributors in this market.

In fact, there are many teenagers love to this kind of toy; or maybe I can say this is a tool used to travel around. Teenagers love to ride them from their home to their school, which is fun and economic and environmental. It fit the idea of the young for the purchase of light, fashion, cool and easiness. As for the children who are younger, they love to ride them to give them a new experience which is different form the bike riding. At the same time, children can get the same excitement as bicycle riding. But it would be more trilling. Some extreme sports lover can ride scooter to create all kinds of the dangerous movements. So the scooter trend has spread to the whole world. Many teenager or the parents begin to accept this transportation tool.

JD Bug scooter is outstanding in this field. It can be predicted that its marketing plan in the South Market probably can work. May it good luck!

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A New Advertisement Channel in Inflatable

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Business is boosting with the technology development, the need for advertisement in business is also strengthening. People can see advertisement in TV, newspaper, magazine, book and other media. In fact, an advertisement announcement will involve in many factors, such as the product reality, the usage of the product, the target customs of the product and the future of this product. So the manager responsible for this product and the advertiser will think of using what kind of channel as their product promotion. Besides, the spending of the advertisement announcement will be important either.

Do you have a consideration of using the inflatables as your advertisement channel? The advantages of this promotional channel are as follows.

1. The object attached with advertisement should be huge so that people can see the advertisement easily. The flying inflatable balloon can be a choice. You can input the helium to the interior of the balloon and use a string to fasten it in one place, so it can not fly away randomly. The flying inflatable balloon must be chosen to be a bid size to make sure all the customers see the advertisement on it. Or you can hire a helicopter to carry your balloon, which is not blown into the flying air, around the advertising area.

2. The inflatable balloon is easy to be transported. You just need to buy this inflatable balloon form the website or phone the particular supplier for a suitable balloon. Then you can get the balloon delivery usually in five days. You even need not to get out of your office and get your advertisement media quickly.

3. The inflatable balloon is easy to be cleaned. If your balloon gets dirty, you just need to clean it with water or mop with a wet rag when it is flatted.

4. The inflatable balloon is easy to store. Possibly you can not put away your balloon as what it is delivered to you, but you can fold it to be small shape and put it in the box when all air is out.

5. The inflatable balloon is a very fashion way to advertise. The outstanding balloon can be eye-catching, especially for the children. So it is a right promotional medium to advertise kid’s toys.

6. The most beneficial for you is that you can save your money because of its friendly-environmental. You can use it many times. It is not easy to be tore up or punched. Even though such accident happens, you can repair it with the accessories-kits quickly. And you can replace your advertisement content every time you need.