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Remind us of our past-mini princess castle

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As we were a little child,our elders often told us interesting, wonderful story.We oftened immersed in the ups and downs of the story.We oftened imagine ourself was the story of the hero.Brave to save the innocent people who was suffered.We special love the story that Prince Charming went through all kinds of hardships to save the Princess who was stucking in the castle by the witch. Envision yourself was a Prince Charming or a Princess.When i saw kidwise inflatable bouncers in front of the my house,it can causes memories of my childhood.
I remembered a real story about castle was about Heidelberger Schloss.It had a great love story about Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe in there.Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was a a great thinker in Germany.Goethe had gone to Heidelberger eight times.In the autumn of 1815,Goethe has 66-year-old,in there he met Mary Anna who was a Jewess.They fall in love at first sight.Mary Anna even got involved in a number of poem creation,so that Goethe said she was”live Muse”.They had a good time on the last two weeks.Every evening,they would walked arm in arm to the castle garden for a walk,Goethe read his work “tower line” to Mary Anna in the fragment,and used in Arabic writing Mary Anna’s name on the sand in the garden.

When Goethe left Heidelberger,he said: “I put my heart lost in the Heidelberg”.Goethe was living 17 years,they have been keep in touch with each other and express their emotion with poetry.

In order to commemorate Goethe,Heidelberg municipal government built Goethe memorial monument in the castle garden.

I remember the story clearly.The mini princess castle took me more memory and gave me more happies childhood.

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Keeping Your Kids Safe on Inflatables

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You’ve been preparing for your child’s next birthday party for months and all you’ve heard is one thing – “I want a bounce house!”  In fact, if you think about it, who wouldn’t want a bounce house or inflatable obstacle course at their party? Can you even call it a party if there isn’t an inflatable? So naturally, you have rented a bounce house for your next gathering. No matter how fun inflatables are, you still need to consider the safety requirements of these structures.

With more and more accidents occurring because of negligence, here are some rules to follow with your party’s inflatable:
Anchors and Restraints – Make sure the inflatable – whether it’s a bounce house, obstacle course or sports inflatable – is properly tied and tethered to the ground. A number of accidents can occur if an inflatable is hit with a gust of wind. Speak with your rental company about what type of area they need to anchor the inflatable.

Clothing – Unless it’s an inflatable water slide, never allow guests to wear a bathing suit on an inflatable. This could cause skin burns and other issues. Furthermore, tell your guests to wear or bring a set of gym-style clothes to help them enjoy the inflatable as much as possible. Denim and other such material make slides much harder to get down.

Accessories – None of the guests should wear any sharp objects like earrings, watches, rings and other accoutrement when on an inflatable. Not only can these potentially damage the inflatable, but they also risk getting caught in the inflatable material, risking serious injury in the process.

Attendant – When you first contact an inflatables company, ask if they provide an attendant for your event. An attendant not only knows how to deal with any mechanical or structural issues of the inflatable, but is also aware of standard safety operations and can aid in watching participants.

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When Your Bounce House Arrives

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Searching for the right bounce house can take a long time, depending on what the size and style, who the primary user will be, and how often you plan on using it. However, once you find the right one at a price that you can safely afford, it will have been worth the extra time you spent looking and comparing the many, many options. As you wait for your bounce house to show up, there are several ways that you can prepare for setting it up and using it right out of the box. It never hurts to be prepared and knowledgeable about a desired product.

Typically, your bounce house will take anywhere from 1-5 business days to reach your location. The exact time is entirely dependent on how far away you live from the shipping location of the bounce house company. If you live in the same or bordering state as the shipping company, it will take approximately 1 to 2 days to arrive at your door. Inversely, if you place an order from a company located on the opposite coast, it will take, on average, five days to arrive. Regardless of the company you choose, your package will be tracked through the mailing system so you will always have an idea where your package is. As you wait, consider measuring out the plot of your yard both while you search for the bounce house and as the order is in transit. You may have an ideal area picked out already, but it never hurts to have an alternate location in the event of a storm or pre-planned event taking up that space.

When the inflatable device arrives at your house, you will have to sign for the package. The box that the device ships in will be too large to fit in your mailbox, but small enough to be easily carried by the mailman or shipping company. Open the box as soon as you wish. Inside, you should find the bounce house itself, along with a handful of accessories. These additional products vary from type to type, but all of them typically include a custom blower to power and inflate the device, as well as an over-sized storage bag to keep all the bounce house pieces in once the day is done.

There is no need to “break in” your bounce house. The fabric that makes up your bounce house, either polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or woven oxford cloth, is strong and durable enough to be used immediately without any risk of operational damage. However, since it has been folded up in its storage container in mail transit for multiple days, it may be slightly stiff as you unpack it and lay it out flat on the set-up grounds. As a result, the first time you set up and inflate your bounce house will take slightly longer than average to fully blow up. After the first set-up, the bounce house will become accustomed to the process and will inflate at a faster rate.

Children Become Social from the Amusement Activities

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Children love to play, because it is their nature. Parents can make use of this characteristic and improve children all-over quality and character. Parents would like to buy toys which provide not only fun but also knowledge for their children. It can be a positive and common channel to improve children abilities. In fact, parents can get a full understanding to the characteristics for children’s development and they can think out of some ways to let children’s quality to get proper development.

When children are one year old, they will spend nine percent of time on the solo activities, but they don’t spend over ten percent of time on the surrounds. When they are two years old, they will spend about eighty percent of time on their own activities. After they turn to three years old, they will have big change and spend about seventy percent of time on social activities with other people. At that time, children change their focus from their mother to other family members, especially, other young family members. This is the reason why children can get along with other children before two years old. When they are growing up gradually, they have learnt how to deal with other people in the happy and funny games.

In the games, children will have all kinds of tiny or small problems. Those problems are inevitable, because they are too young to have an idea of taking consideration for other people. It is common among children at the age of two to three years old.

If parents want their children can correct those shortcomings, they can encourage their children to take part in more group games. The group games require children to form two or three persons into a group so that they can compete with each other among the groups. But most of them love to set up small group rather than join in the large group.

When children get older, they will have one to three their best friends around. They hang out frequently with them. It doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate with the other peers.
So if parents can get to know those characteristics, they can choose suitable games and toys for their children in different stages. Under the instruction of their parents, children can improve their abilities in the game, for example, social ability.

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What Is Mental Health for Children?

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Parents always spend a lot of time on physical conditions of their children. When their children can move and do daily things normally, parents won’t have much worry on their children. Some parents even regard good academic records as the standard to evaluate their children.

However, all those mentioned above are just parts of evaluations for children themselves. When child grow up to about sixteen years old, his mind will change. At that time, children have desire for making friends and cling with their friends always. Besides, children live in society, they won’t be separated with the reality and raised in an isolate environment, so the mental training for children from their childhood is very important. It means that parents should pay attention to children’s mental health, too.

But how is mental health defined properly?
imagesChildren should have goals for their lives and be independent and positive. Children can tell ring and wrong under the instruction of their parents, so that they can set up their own moral values and be self-disciplined.

For other people, children have particular social skills to build up good communications and have compassion and love.

When children get into troubles, they can handle with the problem as well as they can with the help of their parents. When they feel depressed, they can solve it out and get out of negative mood as soon as possible.

In fact, parents’ influence on children is very important. If parents give children proper education in their childhood, children can have a tendency to behave themselves at the young age. On the other hand, if parents also have good mental health, children can keep a good mental habit as well.

Parents with good mental health can recognize children’s mental changes and give them prompt instructions for helping out children from mental troubles. Parents will have good plans for their children. Studies, amusement and social activities can be arranged properly so that children can have balanced and full development when taking part in those activities.

In those activities, children learn their strengths and shortcomings. They can give themselves a proper position in the society. So they can find their life paths and head forward to achieve their goals. Sometimes, if children don’t give their abilities correct views, they will set up too high or too low goals which aren’t beneficial for their mental development.

Three Musts for Parents When Purchasing the Toys

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When parents select toys for their babies in the shopping mall, they must think over their characteristics, age and hobbies. According to all these considerations parents can pick up babies’ favorites. There are two most important things for parents to take into account: the safety and comfort of the toys. Here come three notices for the parents who love their children and go to buy toys for their children.

No. One: Recognize the remarkable marks. According to the regulations, the toys must be labeled with the full name, type number, code number, suitable age and the name and the address of themanufacturer and the distributor. Those can be legal information for the buyers to claim their rights in the toy accidents. Furthermore, don’t forget the warnings to the toys and the usage and maintenance instructions of the toys.

No. Two: For the plastic toys, dolls, inflatable toys, electrical toys, catapult toys, medal toys and carts, parents should pay attention to the sticked marks, for example, “CCC” in China. This is the most important mark for all the toy manufacturers, because this mark in China represents the toy is up to the legal standard from the view of all aspects, such as quality and safety. If on the package of the toys there isn’t such mark, parents shouldn’t choose them. Such kind of toy won’t have any guarantee, so that they will set children or parents in to troubles. In different areas or countries, there will have different necessary certificates for the manufacturers. For instance, in European countries, they will need the CE and ROHS mark. In the USA, the FCC and UL will be needed.

No. Three: Don’t be tempted by the colorful toys and its excessive over-color. Most of them will contain many harmful chemicals in the painting. If the smells of the toy is bad, this kind of toy probably have been mixed perilous substances in the manufacture process. Those will bring hazards to the vulnerable babies and they are the potential bombs around the babies. When people buy a large-shape toy, such as inflatable castle, they have to check its structure and fabric. The puncture-resistant cloth will do great work on the toy and children won’t have many troubles in the future. If the joint of the inflatable production isn’t tight enough, the leakage will crash the bouncing happiness for the children.

The Unique Inflatable Furniture

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Nowadays a kind of inflatable furniture which is called “Lover in the Dream” has become very popular among the new generation. It has rainbow colours and interesting and funny and novel shapes. It will come when you need it and go after you disgust it. In five minutes, the inflatable furniture can appear in front of you, and if you unlock it cap in the valve the mattress can deflate by itself. You don’t need to worry about the moving of the furniture if you purchase the inflatable furniture when you need to go o another place to live in.

The inflatable furniture has got rid of the cumbersomeness of the traditional furniture. It can be put indoors or outdoors. The deflated furniture is portable and storable, which can save a lot of time for you. If you want to picnic or hold a party in the weekends or the holiday, the inflatable furniture can be very useful. People can lie on the inflatable mattress or inflatable pad or inflatable sofa after they are inflated. The crowd can sit on the inflatable sofa and have a chat and have a cup of tea. The lazy men can lean on the inflatable chairs to watch the TV shows. At night, the inflatable mattress will help you go into sweet dreams as fast as possible for it can provide the sleepers a comfortable and warm insulation off the ground.

Its easy-moving, clearing and storability will free people especially the housewives from the pressure. Many young people have turned their house into the inflatable furniture exhibition. Now all kinds of the inflatable furniture are sold in the market. No mention of the colors, people can require the manufacturer to produce personal and special inflatable furniture for them. This idea isn’t crazy in fact. Plenty of inflatable furniture with art shapes and strange angles receive great welcome among the young generation. The furniture can be decorated with the colorfast painting pictures by the owners if they have such ideas.

Although inflatable future can’t life longer than the traditional furniture, it still has its own market for its price and characteristics. The buyers can repair inflatable furniture with the emergency kits. But the world change so fast every day that people tend to choose the stuff with short life spans, so that they can replace them from now and then to own new experiences for the new inventions.

The Close Relationship between Human Beings and Calcium in Ten Aspects

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In general knowledge, the calcium is a kind of chemical which link closely with bone or skeleton. In fact, the truth is that the calcium has close relationship with each part of the whole body.

Calcium & Brain
Calcium affects emotion. Calcium is an important chemical which is non-neglected in the metabolic activity of cerebral neuron. Sufficient calcium can restrain the abnormal excitement of the cerebral neuron and calm people down. Calcium lack can cause uneasy feeling for people.

Calcium & Vein
Calcium dose will affect the blood pressure. Calcium defect can lead to high blood pressure. The incidence of this disease for people who intake calcium less than three hundred mg is two to three times higher than that for people who have average calcium intake.

Calcium & Eye
The ocular structure can develop better under the effect of calcium. Calcium takes part in the ocular nerve activity and makes the eye ball become resilient. If a lack of calcium, the contraction of ocular muscle will be affected and eyes easily become nervous and tired. The vision will decrease.

Calcium & Lymph
Lymph contains immune cells. Calcium can activate those cells and improve their ability in the working of the whole system. At the same time, it promotes the integration the immunoglobulin, enhance immunization and restrain production of harmful bacteria.

Calcium & Digestion System
Calcium can activate the digestive enzyme and improve the digestive ability of protein, fat and carbohydrate. The lack of calcium will lead to indigestion and decreased appetite.

Calcium & Liver
Liver is a very important organ. All kinds of poisons will compound into non-toxic or low-toxic substance under the effect of liver cells. Calcium is take part in the process of repair of liver cell and it is very important to protect the function of expelling of toxin of liver. So when there is a lack of calcium intake, the liver will be influenced and toxin expelling won’t be complete.

Calcium & Endocrine Gland
The work of endocrine gland counts on calcium to send message. A lack of calcium will lead to the imbalance of endocrine and eventually it affects the skin and sleep.

Calcium & Skin
Calcium is very important for the completion of skin cells. For lacking of calcium, the permeability of cell membrane becomes weak, so the resilience of skin becomes low or even it cause the pruritus of skin.

Calcium & Muscle
Calcium takes part in the muscular fiber activity. If calcium is not enough, muscle will lack of strength. It does not only lead to the muscular hurts but also cause cramp for people.

Calcium & Fat
Calcium has link with the fat metabolism. It can restrain the substance which store fat in the body. The volume of calcium intake will decide the fat’s destiny when it gets into the body.

Steps for Choosing Safe Toys

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Toys can be divided into four types according to the functions.

Like numeracy toys are popular among parents but not children. Babies aren’t interested in such kind of toy. After children turn to two years old, they will be suitable for such kinds of toys.

Doll is very simple toy, but it gets warm welcome from children all the time. Maybe it is because that this kind of toy is similar to the human beings, and they can act as friends for children. It can be beneficial for children’s emotional development.

Live living:
Children have strong imitation ability. Toy bowl and toy plate can help children experience live and imitate reality. They will learn a lot of knowledge in the playing.

In the toy market, there are many cartoon dolls. They are fashionable and warm-welcomed. But their prices may much higher than the formers. Parents should choose those toys reasonably for their children.

Choose toys according to their materials and watch and touch a lot.

When we buy toys for children, first of all, we must check the label of toys. In the label, there is some information to tell parents what is the toy made. Parents should use their hands, eyes and nose to make sure the material is safe.

If the information is specific or doesn’t exist, parents should reconsider a purchase of the toy. International laws have given detailed and legal stimulations on the toy label.
Smell the toy whether it has stinky odor.

Feel the surface of the toy with hands. Tough and harsh material will get children cut easily.

The plush dolls must be made with clear fleece. If the new plush doll is dirty even if it is packed in the plastic bag, parents shouldn’t choose it.

Pick up a suitable size for children.

Some toys have weight limitation. If children stay in a hard time, and they probably need a bigger one. Or there is a brunch of children; parents must consider choosing a large enough toy for their children. Inflatable jumper is such kind of toy which need to limit the aboard number.

Pick up a toy according to children’s age.

Age must be the precaution for people to choose toys. It will be a safe way for children to play with some toys which are suitable for their ages. Too advanced or over-large toy just can decrease children’s confidence.

Top Ten Toy Museums in the World

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Everyone doesn’t feel strange for toys. For the childhood to the adulthood, people can have many chances to get contact with toys. When their little, toys are their amusement tools which can make them laugh; when they are grown-up, toys dispose the traditional meaning for people, because they can provide the adult relax and entertainment from the stressful lives. The toys also have their own museums-there are top ten museums in the world which are worthy having a trip.

In New York, U.S.A., National Museum of Play was founded in 1969. The first collector of the museum is Ms. Margaret Woodbury Strong. She is lady, who loves to collect toys, at the same time, she is kind-hearted donator, who donate her entire-life toy collection for the New York state. This museum is focus on collecting all the stuff which are related with study and learning. In fact, this is a historical museum; by now, the museum has been the second largest child museum. All the visitors can have a look at the brief introductions of all toys and there are many themed toys, which are famous cartoon characters.

In Czekh, the Toy Museum Hrack which is the largest museum in Europe is the second largest museum in the world. Many toys in this museum are manufactured by the western countries. And most of them are produced after the Second Industrial Revolution. The museum is tow-stored building with lovely yellow painting at the appearance. It is cut and classical, which is the impression for a majority of the tourists. The outstanding characteristic for this museum is one thousand of Barbie dolls in the exhibition. Beside, there are mechanical toys, which is very rare in the world.

In Europe, there is another museum, which is name Brighton Toy and model Museum. Many people would like to call it Brighton Toy Museum. This museum building was built in the Victorian time. It is classical and elegant. In the museum, there are precious toys as exhibitions.

The largest museum in Europe is the Tartu Toy Museum in Estonia. Now this museum building (2004) is new comparing to the old one, which built in 1994. It is wooden building.

In Japan, there is a famous Bandai Museum. In this museum, people can see many valuable toy exhibitions, which base on the most famous cartoon characters in Japan. Those toys can represent Japanese long toy history and cultural value.

In America, there is another museum national Farm Toy Museum, of which theme is farm land.

In 1982, a European museum Toy Museum of Catalonia was founded in Spain.
In Singapore, Mint Museum of Toys was built up in 2007, which is the first museum themed with toy. And the “MINT” means that Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys. This is modern building and is well-famous as the largest museum in the South East of Asia.

In Asia, Istanbul Toy Museum and Shankar’s International Dolls Museum are also on the list of the top ten.