Children Become Social from the Amusement Activities

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Children love to play, because it is their nature. Parents can make use of this characteristic and improve children all-over quality and character. Parents would like to buy toys which provide not only fun but also knowledge for their children. It can be a positive and common channel to improve children abilities. In fact, parents can get a full understanding to the characteristics for children’s development and they can think out of some ways to let children’s quality to get proper development.

When children are one year old, they will spend nine percent of time on the solo activities, but they don’t spend over ten percent of time on the surrounds. When they are two years old, they will spend about eighty percent of time on their own activities. After they turn to three years old, they will have big change and spend about seventy percent of time on social activities with other people. At that time, children change their focus from their mother to other family members, especially, other young family members. This is the reason why children can get along with other children before two years old. When they are growing up gradually, they have learnt how to deal with other people in the happy and funny games.

In the games, children will have all kinds of tiny or small problems. Those problems are inevitable, because they are too young to have an idea of taking consideration for other people. It is common among children at the age of two to three years old.

If parents want their children can correct those shortcomings, they can encourage their children to take part in more group games. The group games require children to form two or three persons into a group so that they can compete with each other among the groups. But most of them love to set up small group rather than join in the large group.

When children get older, they will have one to three their best friends around. They hang out frequently with them. It doesn’t mean that they don’t communicate with the other peers.
So if parents can get to know those characteristics, they can choose suitable games and toys for their children in different stages. Under the instruction of their parents, children can improve their abilities in the game, for example, social ability.

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