How to do attract your fans in Twitter?

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Twitter sometimes like a television series. You sit on sidelines and watch its rollercoaster storyline,cause yourself to think deeply about it. The news on the Twitter is a true portrayal of life of people.

More people links to valuable content and humor all the way on Twitter to inspirational quotes. Celebrity like to share their emotion and opinions to who is on Twitter. It takes to a certain influence. Twitter is the best social media site to use!

If you can’t get more followers,please cheak what you miss. You must sure that you whether used time correctly or not,when somebody say it waste time.

Add infused with personality on your Twitter.Something likes your life,feeling,your work,interting and your doubting share on Twitter.It will make your followers feel real,not just perfunctorily. Share news updates to everyone,or comment on someone ‘s Twitter. There will be more followers follower you.Try to connect with five people a day.

Follow these simple rules and you will get more followers and better engagement.

Add your real head photo.Make your follower feel real people on the Twitter. They will willing to contect you.
If someone don’t follow you back soon. Do’t worry about that. Just go on keep follow them,and Tweet them a question,idea,or story. They will contect you back if they interested you.
Let us see your story,comment,personal introductions. No one want to see your introduction casually.
The good way  about write skill is necessary. Even though you have a maximum of 140 characters,you don’t have to use all 140 characters. Try using around 120 characters. This will allow other tweets the ability to retweet you.
Too hashtags just annoying.Use hashtags as more less as you can. Do it sparingly.
The end,do your real yourself.Be authentic. Create value and enrich people’s tweets with great content!

Let’s make Twitter a better place and a social media site together that we love!

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