How to Make Amusement to be a Part of Life

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No matter which kind of life people live with, poor or rich, everyone will has stress in their lives.

Some children have to work hard so that they can pass the exam. Some adults live in underprivileged life, they have to work day and night to make ends meet. Some people maybe rich in money, but they don’t how to live a life so that they always bury themselves in work.

Many western countries would like to make their lives more colorful, so normally they know how to enjoy life, or using more precise word, how to live. After they work hard for a long period, they will give themselves days off to relax the entire bodies.

The value “To make amusement as a part of life” isn’t an easy topic and advice to follow with. First of all, the adults should change their idea for amusement. When children play for more than half hour, parents would worry about that long play time will make children stupid and lose confidence and patience on the study of important lessons. Even for themselves, they won’t spend too much time on playing. They believe playing will waste their time. “Time is money” is their shibboleth.

In fact, people can learn something eventually in the play. For example, the most common little game–crossword puzzle game is very popular as soon as people are available. The game can be accessed to from the newspaper anytime. People can make use of the short break and learn some vocabulary in this game.

As for children, people should make a good arrangement for the children’s time table.

Although school learning is very important, playing can’t be neglected, either. Jumping and running movements can strengthen children’s body. Group game can improve children’s social skills. Even some playing, such as swimming ,hiking and flying inflatable balloon, can teach children some basic life skills, so that children know how to avoid form dangers and take care of themselves even under the circumstance where their parents can’t keep company with them. From times to times, proper time of playing can inspire children’s spirit in the study.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Let us start to set up a correct life style.

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