Remind us of our past-mini princess castle

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As we were a little child,our elders often told us interesting, wonderful story.We oftened immersed in the ups and downs of the story.We oftened imagine ourself was the story of the hero.Brave to save the innocent people who was suffered.We special love the story that Prince Charming went through all kinds of hardships to save the Princess who was stucking in the castle by the witch. Envision yourself was a Prince Charming or a Princess.When i saw kidwise inflatable bouncers in front of the my house,it can causes memories of my childhood.
I remembered a real story about castle was about Heidelberger Schloss.It had a great love story about Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe in there.Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe was a a great thinker in Germany.Goethe had gone to Heidelberger eight times.In the autumn of 1815,Goethe has 66-year-old,in there he met Mary Anna who was a Jewess.They fall in love at first sight.Mary Anna even got involved in a number of poem creation,so that Goethe said she was”live Muse”.They had a good time on the last two weeks.Every evening,they would walked arm in arm to the castle garden for a walk,Goethe read his work “tower line” to Mary Anna in the fragment,and used in Arabic writing Mary Anna’s name on the sand in the garden.

When Goethe left Heidelberger,he said: “I put my heart lost in the Heidelberg”.Goethe was living 17 years,they have been keep in touch with each other and express their emotion with poetry.

In order to commemorate Goethe,Heidelberg municipal government built Goethe memorial monument in the castle garden.

I remember the story clearly.The mini princess castle took me more memory and gave me more happies childhood.

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