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To Run an Inflatable Screen Rental Business

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Party organizers must have such experience that they have to erect up a large screen in the open field for video playing. But it is an easy job for many organizers. The conventional large screen is large, but heavy, easily-damaged and difficult maintained. After inflatable screen is invented out, organizers feel very happy to have such new inflatable product which can light their burden and help them found up the same effects. This inflatable screen normally is used in the out door movies, film festivals, sports and other social events.

The inflatable screen is useful, but not everyone is willing to buy an expensive inflatable product for just one-time show. So some smart businessmen see it as a business opportunity and start the inflatable screen rental business from then on.

The inflatable screen is made from PVC, it isn’t easy to be broken down, which is common for the conventional electrical screen. Dust and water can get through the PVC cloth and damage the inner electronic and electrical parts. The inflatable screen is light and inflated. People just need to use the electrical pump to inflate the screen. The entire inflatable screen will be plump under the continuous high wind blowing. The screen is fastened steadily on one point by the ropes and stakes.

The inflatable screen is manufactured with high technologies. It shows a very clear and vivid picture and provides original sound for audiences. It can be made into 6,000 square, which doesn’t disturb audience’s sight from the distance.

So rental investors don’t need to worry about the quality of the inflatable screen. One more thing is that investors must choose the ensured brand of the inflatable screen and take the insurance warranty for the future maintenance.

After thinking over the possibility of the inflatable screen rental business, the investors should take action.

The budget of the rental business is the priority on the list. The equipment purchase cost, maintenance expense, transportation, advertisement and insurance can be missed. Insurance of the inflatable screen must be bought, in case that any accident will cost the investors a lot. After setting up all these jobs, the product advertisement is a must in the primary stage. Online ad., TV ad. and paper ad. are proper choices. When people go to rent an inflatable screen, they must be told all the safety notices of usage. People’s incorrect operations will cause damages for the inflatable screen, even unexpected accidents.

Inflatable screen rental business is a non-seasonal product, if investors choose proper location and carry out efficient advertisement, they can get profit in a quite short time.