The Penalties for Children

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When children do something wrong, they will be blamed by the adult. The penalty is a way to remind children of their mistakes and warn them to behave themselves in future.

The most common way for the adult to punish their children is expostulation. Children may quarrel with the playmates and jostle for toys with them. At that time, if the adult find this problem, they must put down all jobs at hand and come to their children to let them know your concern and care. Find out the reasons for the quarrels, listen to them to speak out their opinions and figure out the solutions. During the expostulation, the adult must tell children which is right and which is wrong. And children must be warned that they must correct their mistakes and learn to say “Sorry””Thank you””Please”and so on. Since children only get some small mistakes, the adult can’t raise their voice at the top and make children feel insulted. It is better that the adult choose the lecture their children when there isn’t any body.

However, the corporal punishment is regarded as the most efficient way to educate children, when children don’t behave well, such as having a flight with others, not listening to the adult’s lecture and committing other serious errors. On one hand, the adult use corporal punishment because of their explosively anger, on the other hand, they have get used to educate children in such way. What’s more, when children get pain physically, they normally will become better in behavior. It is another direct way to punish children.

But some adults may use gentle ways to educate their children. They choose to ask their children to do house work, draw a picture, writing and reading. The adult believe that in those activities children not only get their penalty, but also learn something in the penalty. Those “penalties”are grace ways to give children training for their characters. For example, the drawing and reading can calm down children as quickly as possible. The drawing and writing can let children to spill out their internal feelings and the adult can educate them according the contents.

In fact, before children turn into eighteen years old, they still need the adult to be a guide in their lives. They still can make mistakes. But each child will prefer the adult to choose an equal and gentle way to help them get out of trouble.

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