The Usage Instructions of Inflatable Toy

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No1.the Installation of Inflatable Toy
1.Lay the inflatable toy on the land. It’s better there is a piece of mat underneath the inflatable toy, such as the carpet or a piece of plastic stripped colorful cloth. And open the inflatable toy on the mat.

2.Find out the velvet of the inflatable toy, connect it with the vent of the pump and tie up the vent of the pump.

3.When the pump gets charged, the entire inflatable can be blown up within five to ten minutes.

No2.the Installation of Pump
1.Choose the standard electrical cord for the pump. The other side of the cord will be connected with an air switch and installed with electric protector.

2.Before getting through the electricity, make sure the voltage of the electricity and the required voltage of the inflatable toy are the same.

3.Equipped the vent of the pump with the protective net in case of any accident.

No3.the Cleanse and Storage
1.Cut off the electricity and open the vents for air in and out. The deflation normally lasts for about ten to twenty-five minutes. If water runs into the chamber of the inflatable toy for the raining, please get rid of all the remaining water and dry the inflatable toy before the inflatable toy is stored.

2.Clear well the inflatable toy. People can use washing powder or detergent to wash away all the dust and stains. At last, open the tap to rush all the bubbles and detergent off. Must dry the entire inflatable toy from inside to outside.

3.Fold the deflated inflatable toy in square. Use a piece of tarpaulin on the folded toy.

4.If the toy won’t be used for a long time, people should put it away under the temperature of blow fifty to forty degree centigrade.

5.The pump should put a place which is dry and anti-corrupted. Make sure there aren’t bugs or mouse can get closed with the inflatable toy.

1.Children between three to six years old are forbidden to take part in the thrill inflatable games.

2.Avoid arranging the small children to stay together with the elder children in the same inflatable toy to prevent from bumping accidents.

3.The supervisor must ask children to play as the rules.

4.When bad weather such as tornado, rain, snow and frost, comes, the inflatable toys can’t be put outside.

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