Top Ten Toy Museums in the World

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Everyone doesn’t feel strange for toys. For the childhood to the adulthood, people can have many chances to get contact with toys. When their little, toys are their amusement tools which can make them laugh; when they are grown-up, toys dispose the traditional meaning for people, because they can provide the adult relax and entertainment from the stressful lives. The toys also have their own museums-there are top ten museums in the world which are worthy having a trip.

In New York, U.S.A., National Museum of Play was founded in 1969. The first collector of the museum is Ms. Margaret Woodbury Strong. She is lady, who loves to collect toys, at the same time, she is kind-hearted donator, who donate her entire-life toy collection for the New York state. This museum is focus on collecting all the stuff which are related with study and learning. In fact, this is a historical museum; by now, the museum has been the second largest child museum. All the visitors can have a look at the brief introductions of all toys and there are many themed toys, which are famous cartoon characters.

In Czekh, the Toy Museum Hrack which is the largest museum in Europe is the second largest museum in the world. Many toys in this museum are manufactured by the western countries. And most of them are produced after the Second Industrial Revolution. The museum is tow-stored building with lovely yellow painting at the appearance. It is cut and classical, which is the impression for a majority of the tourists. The outstanding characteristic for this museum is one thousand of Barbie dolls in the exhibition. Beside, there are mechanical toys, which is very rare in the world.

In Europe, there is another museum, which is name Brighton Toy and model Museum. Many people would like to call it Brighton Toy Museum. This museum building was built in the Victorian time. It is classical and elegant. In the museum, there are precious toys as exhibitions.

The largest museum in Europe is the Tartu Toy Museum in Estonia. Now this museum building (2004) is new comparing to the old one, which built in 1994. It is wooden building.

In Japan, there is a famous Bandai Museum. In this museum, people can see many valuable toy exhibitions, which base on the most famous cartoon characters in Japan. Those toys can represent Japanese long toy history and cultural value.

In America, there is another museum national Farm Toy Museum, of which theme is farm land.

In 1982, a European museum Toy Museum of Catalonia was founded in Spain.
In Singapore, Mint Museum of Toys was built up in 2007, which is the first museum themed with toy. And the “MINT” means that Moment of Imagination and Nostalgia with Toys. This is modern building and is well-famous as the largest museum in the South East of Asia.

In Asia, Istanbul Toy Museum and Shankar’s International Dolls Museum are also on the list of the top ten.

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